Leetcoder Android 1.0 is out

I spent last weekend implementing an Android version of my iOS app Leetcoder, here are some thoughts on the whole process. If you are interested in the app, go download it here.

Before doing that, you should know that:

  • The app uses Google Ads to cover server cost.
  • This is version 1.0 and the functionalities are lacking. More features might be added in future versions.
  • I did not test the app on a physical phone. I don’t own an Android phone so everything was done on the emulator.

You can send your feedback about this app to me via email: [email protected] However, I can’t guarantee I can update this app frequently.

React Native, Thumbs Up

I’ve been curious about React Native for some while now and someone asked me about whether I will do an Android version of Leetcoder. So why not? The basic version of this app is basically like the basic to-do app demo everywhere you see: it’s really easy to implement.

My limited experience with React Native has been pretty good. Some thoughts:

  • Avoid rnpm for now. If you are a beginner like me, rnpm is a pretty attractive idea in theory. Unfortunately, my limited experience with it was far from satisfactory. I ended up manually changing a lot of files anyways whenever I added a library. So what’s the point?
  • Lots of good stuff to use! For example, you can use fetch and aync, await! What??? No babel and you can use all these. It’s the web’s future right there (ironically for building a mobile application).
  • Database. Not many choices. I tried realm with rnpm and it didn’t work for me. I haven’t really looked into it. Right now I’m using React Native’s AsyncStorage. I’ll probably look into realm more in the future since it looks pretty good.

Things I particularly liked about using React Native:

  • It’s just like developing a web app. Using JavaScript is definitely more tolerable than using Java, especially when you can use ES2015 features.
  • Layout. Using css to layout views is fantastic.
  • New web/JavaScript features like fetch and async await are vailable without using polyfill or transpilation. Thumbs up. You can write ES2015 code and it just works. The React Native team is awesome.
  • Little configuration. Beats current web development situation.

Back to the App

So, if you think my app can be helpful to you but there is no way you can tolerate ads, you can check out my project leetcode-best-answers, there are generated pdfs in the forums folder if you are interested. Go land an awesome job!