Leetcoder Reaches 10k Downloads

The total number of downloads of Leetcoder has reached 10k recently!

That’s not an impressive number to many people but I’m still happy it reached this milestone without any promotion.


Below is a chart of the monthly downloads and cumulative downloads of the app starting from when it’s first released, in January 2016.

Leetcoder wasn’t downloaded much in the first eight months of its existence. The main reason is simply that I’m bad at promoting my work. I just put it in the App Store and did nothing else about it.

Maybe I should get better at promoting.

Then the number of downloads per month saw an obvious increase in two months, September 2016 and Jan 2017, each time doubling the download number of the previous month.

If you enjoy Leetcoder, please consider rating it on the App Store or recommending it to your friends. If you have any suggestions to improve Leetcoder, feel free to email your suggestion to [email protected]